Part 1

AXEL DOERNER (trumpet)
GUNNAR LETTOW (prepared el. bass)


MATTHIAS BAUER (double bass)


Lukas Simonis and Henk Bakker also known as the X-static Tics and more recently 
as Dr Klangendum live and work in Rotterdam. As a duo they have been active since 
the start of 21th century, making primitive electronic music, making radiophonics for 
different radio's and playing improv music. 'The Gazers' is a mixture of all that; 
A free form radioplay and free jazz chamber opera, performed by Simonis and Bakker. 
Staging the lies and lives of gazers, spies, undercover healers and end time groupies. 
Expect; a clash between spoken word, soundart, live improv and maybe even some 
tentative singing, together with live electronics and field recordings. 


Part 2 


SLOBODAN KAJKUT solo »Terrible Dub«

is a cyclic piece consisting of twenty short piano pieces.
As installation object, 20 Inventionen works in a space with twenty portable turntables.


 ...born on 1983, Banja Luka, former Yugoslavia...

...since 1996 member of different underground bands...

...from 2002 - 2008 studies of composition at
Kunstuniversitaet Graz in classes of
Georg Friedrich Haas, Clemens Gadenstaetter, Gerhard Eckel and Gern Kuehr...

...awarded with the price of city Graz for music...

...since 2008 lives as independent composer...

...member of bands The Striggles and Automassage...


Part 3 




»Machine//Body: Intersections and Variations«
Muyassar Kurdi is a musician, performance artist, dancer, filmmaker 
and educator from Chicago, Illinois, and currently living in NYC.
In performance, she explores the relationship between abstract sound 
and meta­primordial movement, obliquely confronting ideas of masculine 
subjugation by re­appropriating and then distorting hegemonically sexualised 
figurative motion and juxtaposing it with random, abrasive and jarring acoustic 
and electronic sound components along with wordless vocalisations.
A joyfully self­exorcizing ritualist, Kurdi studied voice and dance with legendary 
vocalist, dancer and ECM recording artist Meredith Monk via The House 
Foundation for the Arts as well as learning Japanese dance tradition Butoh with 
Tadashi Endo, director of the Butoh Center MAMU and Butoh Festivals in 
Germany, and Mexican master of the form Diego Piñon-- among others.


»Blaha Lujza Tér«
24'min performance for body and floor.

Jennifer Torrence is an Oslo-based percussion soloist and collaborative 
musician specializing in contemporary music.


»ƒ =π / n«   Part 2
Boring numbers from a hole in the computer spread out to fill the gaps 
inbetween the loudspeakers with numerologic mysticism, arbitrary mantras 
and glissandos from hell. The infinite regress is ever-expanding and forms 
digital spaces filled with drones of spoken numbers and intervalic proportions 
of fake string instruments ascending linearly towards collapse and decay –
CPU overload and starting point for improvisation.

Christian Konrad Schröder lives and works in Vienna, Austria
after studying art in Vienna, Moscow and Weimar.
Since 2012 he is co-running the „Rauschen-Space“ as a member of
„Kollektiv Rauschen“, an interdisciplinary artist group based in Vienna.

* * *


* * *

Sat. 17th Sep · 8PM 

»muto infinitas« by Catherine Lamb
Rebecca Lane, microtonal bass flute
Mike Majkowski, double bass

The duo piece will slowly unfold, between the re-tunings of the bass and shared unities 
and various dyadic/triadic expanded tonalities based around variations of a similar color spectrum.  
 The two unique voices of the duo will meld and inform the life of the material being presented. 

premiere with kind support from Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V

* * *

Jessica Ekomane · Jasmine Guffond · Silje Nes
Group Exhibition 10th-14th Aug
Opening Wed. 10/8 · 6PM with live performances
Open on 11–14/8 · 3–7PM

Live performances utilizing unique installation set ups by Jessica Ekomane  
and duet by Jasmine Guffond (Wi-Fi, GPS, Subwoofer) & Anthea Caddy (Cello)

As humans continually try to grasp the underlying systems determining our physical environment,
we are faced with the limitations of our human perception. Invisible and inaudible infrastructures
determine and influence individual and collective trajectories.

The group exhibition Untold Stories explores the limits of our perception, and thereby information
that is usually inaccessible to us.

The works engage with phenomena that lie outside of the human hearing range such as wireless
networks or the kinetic properties of sub sonic sounds. Through generative experiments, sound
installations and performance, the exhibition will offer a glimpse into some of the imperceivable
structures shaping our everyday experience.


Jessica Ekomane was born in France. She now lives and works in Berlin.
Her practice unfolds around sound installations, site-specific sound interventions and music.

She has been awarded an Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica 2013 in the category "Digital Musics
and Sound Art" for Light / Movement, as part of the project Pulse Lab II: Works for Wave Field
Synthesis initiated by Robert Henke (DE).
She also has been selected for the Phonurgia Award 2012 with Schaperstrasse 24 in collaboration
with Silje Nes (NO) and is a DAAD scholarship holder.

Silje Nes is a musician and sound artist based in Bergen NO + Berlin DE.
Released Ames Room (2007) and Opticks (2010) on FatCat Records. Working on various projects
within music, experimental sound and installation based work. Graduated MA Sound Studies from
UdK Berlin in 2015. 

Jasmine Guffond is a sound artist and composer from Sydney, Australia, living and working in
Berlin, Germany. She has performed live internationally, exhibited sound installations and recorded
music for CD and 12inch vinyl releases with the Sigma Editions, Staubgold, Monika Enterprise and
Sonic Pieces labels.
Focused on working in site specific contexts and exploring new environments for music and sound
performance, her recent projects were interventions that employed digital technologies, sonification
and the aesthetisation of data as a means of generating discussion around contemporary surveillance
technologies as well as producing experimental audio works. 



opening shot by Silje Nes

* * *

Johnny Chang – violin
Mike Majkowski – double bass

Yorgos Dimitriadis (Berlin/GR) – »Kopfkino« - solo piece for drums and microphones

Jasper Fung (Hong Kong) »Transient Spikes« - solo piece for live electronics and objects


quiet cue #172 · July 31st · doors 8PM · start 8:30

Lisa Simpson (Berlin/BR/CAN) – Sewing Music - solo performance

Olaf Hochherz (Hong Kong/DE) – solo piece for laptop

Burkhard Beins – percussion
Mazen Kerbaj – trumpet
Michael Vorfeld – percussion



April 30th · 8PM · start 8:30

THE LIZ »Book Of Birds« UA

Liz Allbee – Oedipus / Kathy Acker, amplified trumpet, voice, text, video
Liz Kosack – Anubis, synthesizer, voice, masks, puppets, light design
Korhan Liz Erel – Sphinx, computer, electronics, sound design, voice, light design

The Liz is a power trio.

In her new production, “Book of Birds”, The Liz tells the story of transformations and multiples:
a maiden Sphinx, Anubis the dog of death, and Oedipus, as narrated by Kathy Acker.
Drawing from traditional Greek myth, as well as Cocteau’s ‘Infernal Machine’ and Acker’s
‘Blood and Guts in High School’, The Liz translates the riddles of the Sphinx into an engine
for the musical re-production of resistance, and of subliminal and mythic resonance.

“Book of Birds” is kindly supported by Initiative Neue Musik Berlin.


quiet cue #169

Lotte Anker - saxophone
Korhan Erel - computer, controllers
Adam Pultz Melbye - double bass
Michael Vorfeld - percussion and self-built string instruments


quiet cue #168

Emilio Gordoa (MEX/Berlin) & Isak Hedtjärn (SWE) & Lena Czerniawska (PL) -
trio: vibraphone / clarinet / visual arts

Hui Ye (Vienna) - 4-channel piece


Eric Wong & Simon Rose (Berlin/Hongkong/UK) -
guitar & saxophones

Truant Monks & Rieko Okuda (Berlin/JP) -
Field recordings, synthesized textures and free-form percussive structures
at the heart of an improvised sound which is characterised by the layering
and erosion of material re-sampled live.


photo: Justin Lépany

Elliott Sharp - guitar

David Rothenberg - clarinet and bass clarinet

Lasse-Marc Riek - field recordings

Korhan Erel - computer, controllers



»Worte wie Schall und Raum« 
solo exhibition

opening: sat 30th January 6PM
also open on
sun 31/1 and mon 1/2 · 3 -7PM
tue 2/2 and wed 3/2 · appointment > email

Tomomi ADACHI & Neele HÜLCKER  
»Fractured Music«
Neele Hülcker and Tomomi Adachi duo had existed as only an internet phenomenon. 
They perform in person the first time in this occasion. 
The duo presents highly conceptual musical performances.
They update thoughts around extended instrument technic and electronic music on live. 
Sound is not a matter of music.

duo - trumpet & soprano saxophone


Stefan ROIGK
»Vom Sagen Hoeren«
Zuerst ist das Nichts, ein unendlich weiter und von Leere überfüllter Raum, 
dessen Eigenresonanz mit einem kaum hörbaren Rauschen den Anfang einer 
Performance bildet. Es folgen verbale Umschreibungen abstrakter Klanggebilde 
und Geräuschatmosphären, welche in Form einer Lesung vorgetragen und zur 
Unterhaltung der Zuhörer betragen werden.
Parallel zugespielte Geräuschaufnahmen dringen nach und nach aus dem 

Hintergrund der Performance in das Bewustsein der Hörer ein. 
Gemeinsam vermengen sich Vortrag und Abspielungen zu einer komplexen 
und hörspielartigen Klangcollage mit stark hypnotischer Wirkung.

duo - guitar/eletronics & percussion


»Worte wie Schall und Raum« 

An installation for various sound sources, speech/voice material,
abstraction and audiocinematic narration.

Babylonisches Gewirr, Flüstern, Rufen, fragmentarische Artikulationen
und Bewegungen unterschiedlicher Dichte und Dynamik, schwebend und
berstend in kraftvollen Ballungen umschliessen den Rezipienten und ziehen
ihn in den filmisch narrativen Diskurs zur Geräuschmusik hinein.
Die Stimmen wandeln im spärlich ausgestatteten Bühnenraum. Sie sind die
unsichtbaren Protagonisten eines abstrakten Theaterstückes und widmen
ihren Dialog der gemeinsamen Formulierung einer musikalischen Komposition.


»Margo Flux«
Merle Bennett - drums, objects, piezos 

Torsten Papenheim - guitar, objects, tapes

Margareth Kammerer
solo - songs

Gregory Büttner & Gunnar Lettow
duo - electronics, objects, electric bass


Beam Splitter
Audrey Chen - voice, cello

Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø - trombone
Richard Scott - analogue synth 

Meinrad Kneer
solo - double bass

Klaus Janek & Claudio Rocchetti
duo - double bass, electronics and field recordings



Activity Center
Burkhard Beins - percussion and strings
Michael Renkel - strings and percussion

Brianne Curran & Philippe Lemoine 

with Oliver Orthuber  
violin and saxophone with analogue live projection

Thea Farhadian - violin
Klaus Kürvers - double bass  

CD release concert

Nicola Hein 
»The Oxymothastic Objectar«
for solo guitar


Alessandra Novaga (IT)
solo - guitar

Alexander Frangenheim & Elena Kakaliagou (DE/GR)
duo - double bass / french horn

Félix-Antoine Morin (CAN)
solo - flute device, electronics and tape

Viv Corringham & Andrea Parkins (UK/USA)
duo - voice / accordion and electronics


Ritwik Banerji & Maxine
tenor saxophone and electronics
Maxine: Representing/Performing the Socio-Aesthetic Practice of Collective Improvisation

Cinthia Mendonça (Rio de Janeiro) - performance, objects 
Andreas Trobollowitsch (Vienna) - sound, objects
duo performance

Janine Eisenächer – »Eat Your Enemy #4 – I don't want to want«
solo performance




Part 1

a site-relative, movement and sound structure for 9 performers
Concept and structure by:  Jasmin Schaitl & William "Bilwa" Costa
Scores, choreography and performance by:
Fabricio Belzoff (BR/DE), Phoebe Brown (UK), William "Bilwa" Costa (US),
Saori Hala (JP), Emily Ranford (AU/DE), Jasmin Schaitl (AT), Elisabeth
Schilling (DE/UK), Christian Konrad Schröder (AT), Ieva Savickaitė (LT)

Mike Majkowski (AUS/Berlin) - »Stepping over the Shadow of People«
solo double bass

Phill Niblock - »Two Blooms«
for Ensemble and pre-recorded instruments
Johnny Chang (violin/viola), Hannes Lingens (accordion), Rishin Singh (trombone),
Derek Shirley (cello), Mike Majkowski (double bass), Morten J Olsen (vibraphone)
Phill Niblock's orchestra piece - "Three Orchids", parts A and C, stretched to 46minutes, 
becomes  "Two Blooms"

Part 2

Korhan Erel (TR/Berlin) -  »Üçgen–Dörtgen« (triangle–rectangle)
4-channel piece for triangle samples and computer, inspired by
Alvin Lucier - »Silver Street Car for the Orchestra«

Christian Kesten (Berlin) - »feld 037 grundlos«
Ariane Jeßulat, Henrik Kairies, Christian Kesten - voices
4-channel sound direction: Nicolas Wiese

UdK Students Ensemble / Early and New Music departments
under the direction of Susanne Fröhlich (Berlin, recorders):
James Tenney - »In a Large, Open Space«
Johann Sebastian Bach - »Partita for solo flute«
Lucie Vítková - »Choral no. 8« (UA)
Julia Andres - Blockflöte / recorder
Philipp Gerschlauer - Saxophon / saxophone
Lennart Heyndels - Kontrabass / double bass
Jarek Ilski - Laptop
Dong-Myung Kim - Keyboard
Rebecca Lane - Flöte / flute
Aziz Lewandowski - Cello
Rishin Singh - Posaune / trombone
Lucie Vítková - Akkordeon/Stimme / accordion and voice
Fabian Zeidler - Stimme/Glas / voice and glass
Susanne Fröhlich - Blockflöten / recorders


Michael Barthel (Leipzig)
solo voice

Burkhard Beins (DE)
Marta Zapparoli (IT)
Mario de Vega (MEX)
site-specific sound intervention

with kind support from:
Österreichisches Kulturforum Berlin, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich,
Klangzeitort, Tanz*Hotel | Artist at Resort, Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte,
Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz


ABRA Ensemble (Israel)
vocal quartet
members: Chanan Ben Simon, Faye Shapiro,
Noa Haran, Yifeat Ziv

Elisabetta Lanfredini (Italy/Berlin)
solo - voice and devices


ABRA is a vocal performance ensemble led cooperatively by its four members,
vocalists/composers Chanan Ben Simon, Noa Haran, Yifeat Ziv and Faye Shapiro.
The name ABRA comes from the Aramaic phrase “ABRA KA DABRA” - “I shall create
what I speak” –  a potent spell that grants power of creation to the vocal act of speaking…
Through the art of improvisation, ABRA expands the existing limits between experimental
virtuoso vocal expression and  the  immediate   accessible   human encounter with the audience.
As an ensemble of composers, ABRA draws from various musical and artistic backgrounds:
different ethnic vocal traditions, American minimalism, modern avant-garde, popular music and
common speech of daily life.
Throughout the two years of its existence, ABRA has performed at a wide range of venues and
spaces, each time creating works that relate to the specific spatial, acoustic and historical conditions.


ELISABETTA LANFREDINI is a singer, performer and educator living between Italy, Istanbul
and Berlin. She started music studies in early age studying jazz singing and improvisation.
She deepened the western vocal technique studying barocco singing for two years and she
studied several folk traditional music like Dhrupad singing (North Indian Music), Nada and
Mantra Yoga (Yoga of the sound), kurdish Dengbej style and turkish folk music. Beside the live
activity she made several field researches in Italy about folk traditional music and oral poetry
(Ottava Rima), she realised video documentaries and several articles.
Her repertoire and her style is now fully opened to both improvised and traditional music.
She developed her on style in a music that is always on the edge between the old traditions and
contemporary arts; in her singing you can always hear the echoes of folk tunes but at the same time
she lives the stage like a performance involved improvisation, poetry and literature, spoken voice
and special analogue projections the she makes.


Sonic·screening 2 – an audiovisual experiment
an UdK Rundgang event
in cooperation with Quiet Cue

Die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Kompositions- und Instrumentalstudenten 

und freischaffenden Videokünstlern geht in die finale Runde. 
Im Vordergrund des audiovisuellen Konzertabends steht das Verschmelzen 
unterschiedlicher Disziplinen und musikalischer Genres. Präsentiert werden 
die neuen Werke abgestimmt auf die Räumlichkeiten der Urban Spree Galerie.

Dong-Myung Kim, Jarek Ilski, Maria da Rocha, Stella Veloce

Visual artists:
Selena Junackov, Mareike Lee, Stefan Rosinski, Doris Schmid, Nicolas Wiese

Amandine Affagard, Julia Andres, Guido Großmann, Ulrike Ködding, 

Yeuntae Jung, Katharina Rath

Aftershow DJ's:
Ilski, Boucek, Requiem89

Kuenstlerische Leitung:
Susanne Fröhlich, Marc Sabat, Nicolas Wiese

Urban Spree · Revaler Str. 99 · 10245 Berlin


 quiet cue #155

Vladimir Guicheff (Montevideo/URY) - guitar, voice, recorder
Maksym Kolomiiets (Kiev/UKR) - oboe
Corné Roos (Amsterdam/NL) - double bass
Breve. (30¨)
Períodos difusos (15¨)
all compositions by Trio Kolomiiets/Guicheff/Roos

Frédéric L´Épée (Berlin-Paris) - solo electric guitar
Steve Reich: Electric Guitar Phase
Frédéric L´Épée: Twists and Turns

ANTEZ (FR) - solo percussion



Antje Vowinckel solo
„40 Winks for organ and things“
Antje Vowinckel & Korhan Erel 
»Privilegierte Partnerschaft«
duo piece for voices, word samples and beeps

Chris Heenan - contrabass clarinet & alto saxophone
Michael Vorfeld - percussion and self-designed string instruments

Jake Bellissimo
Rochester, NY / USA - viola, guitar, vocals

Javier Areal Velez (Buenos Aires) - prepared guitar
Fausto Sierakowski (Italy/Berlin) - saxophone



Axel Doerner: trumpet and 4-channel electronics
Sukandar Kartadinata: electronics and guitar

Marc Behrens
»MUT ATT NARC IMM« 4-channel electroacoustic live piece

Christiane Hommelsheim
Stella Veloce
Nicolas Wiese

voice / cello / subtle voice and cello manipulation

Torsten Papenheim 
»Tracking« for tapes, minidisc and guitar amps


Laurie Tompkins 
»Heat, War, Sweat, Law« solo performance
for jittering electronics, human voices,
vibrating speakers, and clunky objects.

Emilio Gordoa: vibraphone

Richard Scott: analogue synthesizer

Ute Wassermann: voice & birdcalls

Maria Moles & Adam Halliwell
(Melbourne) experimental guitar / drum kit duo

Thomas Bjelkeborn
Paul Pignon

electroacoustic/audiovisual improvisation
 with kind support of:


 Justin Lépany (Berlin/FR)
»Agnes (in Redemption)«
for electric guitar and photography

F$F! (USA)
Dustin Carlson
- guitar/electronics
Brad Henkel - trumpet

Joel Grip - double bass
Christian Magnusson - trumpet
Pär Thörn - voice, electronics

Joe Snape (Berlin/USA)
»Tired Music«
for oscillators and field recordings.
Imperfectly reproduced by a dozen simple oscillators, an archive
of sound recordings is reduced to its barest acoustic characteristics.
Like a levelled snowfield or a smoothed pebble, the plane surfaces
of these sounds speak to something bigger: of being slowly, gently,
and thoroughly worn away. 

* * *


an experimental video/sound/drawing workshop project
under the direction of Heidrun Schramm and Nicolas Wiese

Exhibition at Quiet Cue:
22nd February 3PM–8PM / 23rd February 10AM–2PM

Zusammen mit 40 Schüler*innen der Jahrgangsstufe 6 des Dathe-Gymnasiums in
Friedrichshain haben wir Graffiti aus einer anderen Perspektive betrachtet und in einen
neuen gestalterischen Kontext gestellt: das grafische Prinzip des tags und die daraus
inspirierten eigenen Schriftzeichen sind die Grundlage für unsere Struktur-Zeichnungen
und Animations-Video-Produktion. In Verbindung mit einfachen, teilweise rhythmischen
Sound-Kompositionen wird in diesem multimedialen Workshop die individuelle Handschrift
zum Hauptakteur im selbst vertonten Film.




Die Kinder entwerfen ihre eigenen, aus ihrer Handschrift abgeleiteten tags, entwickeln
Variationen, es werden Versionen am Computer ausgeschnitten, vervielfältigt, eingefärbt
und im Bildraum umherwandern gelassen.
Auch mittels Stop-Motion-Technik entstanden kurze Bildsequenzen für erste zeitbasierte
Kompositionen. Zudem produzieren wir mit den Kindern Soundcollagen aus zuvor
aufgenommenen Alltagsklängen, Schreib- u. Kritzelgeräuschen und Aufnahmen der
eigenen Stimme.
Wir experimentieren mit Bild-/Ton-Rhythmus und Verdichtung, als Resultat von
Wiederholungsmustern u. dynamischen Kombinationen.

Mit besonderem Dank an Dr. Petra Jurgasch.

Das Projekt wurde ermöglicht durch den Berliner Projektfonds für kulturelle Bildung

* * *


an audiovisual experiment

with students of UdK Berlin and HfM Hanns Eisler, and visual artists curated by quiet cue.
Under the direction of Susanne Froehlich, Marc Sabat, Wolfgang Heiniger and quiet cue.

installation: OPENING SAT 6PM

Maria da Rocha / Mareike Lee - Água Rocha Rede [a sketch] 

- multichannel sound, multi projection, objects

Miloš Tadić / Doris Schmid - The Edge 

- video and pre-recorded mezzo-soprano

AudeRrose / Nicolas Wiese - Finitude 15 - analogue projection

live audiovisual concert / screening: SAT 8:30PM

Maria da Rocha / Mareike Lee - Água Rocha Rede [a sketch] 
- for installation and solo violin 

Ellen Arkbro / Andreas Karaoulanis - Ebele [Ellenmusic]
- two bass recorders, synth and animation video

Dong-Myung Kim / Selena Junackov - Incalculable  
- transverse flute, double bass and video

Gineke Pranger / Maya Shenfeld / AudeRrose - Drei Miniaturen 

- recorder, guitar and overhead projection

Jaroslaw Ilski / Stefan Rosinski / Nicolas Wiese - Ghost Image 

- live electro-acoustics and live video

Stella Veloce / Doris Schmid - 302 - for tape and video

Ellen Arkbro  - Ellenmusic [version 2]
- two bass recorders, synth and video

Julia Andres, Guido Großmann, Yeuntae Jung, Ulrike Ködding, 

Gineke Pranger, Maya Shenfeld, Valentina Stadler



concert on SUN 4PM:

Jaroslaw Ilski / Stefan Rosinski / Nicolas Wiese - Ghost Image 
for live electro-acoustics and live video
live electronics: J. Ilski
Stella Veloce / Doris Schmid - 302 - for tape and video
Ellen Arkbro / Andreas Karaoulanis - Ellenmusic
for two bass recorders, synth and animation video
bass recorders: Susanne Froehlich and Julia Andres
Maria da Rocha / Mareike Lee - Água Rocha Rede - [a sketch]
violin: M. da Rocha


Miloš Tadić / Doris Schmid - The Edge

Jaroslaw Ilski / Stefan Rosinski / Nicolas Wiese - Ghost Image

Gineke Pranger / Maya Shenfeld / AudeRrose - Drei Miniaturen

Stella Veloce / Doris Schmid - 302



Nao Nishihara
Sound/object/installation artist - solo performance

Flora Könnemann & Wolfgang Seidel   
Analogue synthesizers / amplifed objects


Andrea Manzoni (Paris/FR) - keys
Marcel Zaes (Zurich/CH) - programming / live electronics

Korhan Erel & Göksu Kunak
»Is Paradise Cheaper?«
A lecture/sound performance



AudeRrose (Berlin/FR) & Brent Sqar (Berlin/DE)
slide projection / installation

AudeRrose with Nicolas Wiese
overhead multi projection 
with various materials and hand drawings

Bryan Eubanks (Berlin/US) - saxophone/electronics
Jason Kahn (Zürich/US) - drums and percussion

Biliana Voutchkova (Berlin)
Peter Ablinger: »Augmented Study« 

for 1 violin and 6 pre-recorded violins

Matt Burnett (Berlin/US): »The Cube ( )« 

a quadrophonic laptop-based sound field

Simon Rose (Berlin/UK) - solo saxophone

* *

AudeRrose (Berlin/FR) & Brent Sqar (Berlin/DE)
slide projection / installation

AudeRrose with Nicolas Wiese
overhead multi projection 
with various materials and hand drawings

Audrey Chen & Ayumi Paul (Berlin/US) - cello & violin

Anthea Caddy (Berlin/AUS) - cello
Hilary Jeffery (Berlin/UK) - trombone
Robin Hayward (DE/UK) - microtonal tuba, Hayward tuning vine

Parallel Asteroid
Lan Cao (Hanoi/VN) - mini-synthesizer, objects, toypiano
Gregor Siedl (Vienna/AT) - saxophones, tubes, gamecalls

Duo Ambroid
Yifat Cohen (Berlin/ISR) - voice and recorders
Gisbert Schuerig (Berlin/GER) - live electronics



Les Trotteuses (Berlin/France) - alarm clock players / Weckerspielerinnen
Anne Moirier & Aurélie Pertusot
Martyna Poznanska (Berlin/Poland) - new audiovisual electroacoustic piece 
video by Gosia Lehmann 

Matthew Ostrowski (New York/US) - electronics and controllers
Andrea Parkins (New York/Berlin) - el. accordion, objects and electronics

SAMBAR & Javier Carmona (Poland/Spain) 
Paulina Owczarek - baritone sax
Tomek Gadecki - baritone sax
Javier Carmona - percussion


Annette Krebs (Berlin) new solo for strings, metal, 
objects, microphones, voices and electronics

Shasta Ellenbogen & Ferdinand Breil
(Berlin/CAN) »NEPHOS« for viola & electronics

Andreas Karaoulanis &  Patrick K.-H. 
audiovisual piece for animation and electronics

Truant Monks
Jens Nordman & Ian Warner (Berlin) 
computers, percussion, ananlog synth, live sampling


If, Bwana 
Al Margolis (US) - laptop / electroacoustic music

Of Rivers And Trains
Glauco Salvo (IT) - solo piece for banjo and e-bowed zither

Miako Klein & Michael Weilacher
(Berlin/US) - recorder and percussion duo

Rieko Okuda, Emilio Gordoa, Miriam Siebenstaedt, 
Marcello Lussana (Berlin)  -
keys, vibraphone, sax and electronics


W. Mark Sutherland – voice and electronics / sound poetry

Ilia Belorukov & Johnny Chang  – saxophone & viola duo

Jasmin Schaitl & William 'Bilwa' Costa – site-specific performance 

»Collaboration #13«


Quiet Cue #142
Sunday, September 7th · 6PM opening
Jocelyn Robert (Québec):  »Four Videos«
solo exhibition
Carl Stone (Tokyo/USA) – solo AV performance
Jocelyn Robert solo AV performance

exhibition open on Monday 8th Sep: 2pm–8pm  

Jocelyn Robert:
»Four Videos«
I am interested in singularities. Most of my work in the last twenty years explores paths
that lead in this direction. The pieces shown at Quiet Cue are the result of the rebuilding
in video pictures of specific moments in time, re-presenting their singularity.
The older piece, Kyoto, shows an encounter that could have been, were it for a few
seconds of delay; the most recent piece, Blue Empire New-York Babel Billboard,
reconstructs Andy Warhol's Empire movie half a century later, looking through
what has become our most common window to the world.

Jocelyn Robert is an interdisciplinary artist from Québec. He works in a variety of media:
sound, performance, installation, music, computer art and writing.
Trained first as an architect (1984), Jocelyn Robert left architecture for art around 1988.
First involved in audio art, his work soon took an interdiscplinary direction and he ended up
working with different media and within a variety of contexts.
He released a first solo LP in 1988 on ReR Records (London), went on to publish over
15 solo recordings and took part in numerous collaborations (with artists Daniel Jolliffe,
Louis Ouellet, Laetitia Sonami, Michael Snow, etc) and compilations. He also made
site-specific sound works, performances and radio projects. He showed is visual art works,
videos and installations in many countries, notably in Canada, United-States, Australia,
Chile, Mexico, Germany and France. His video installation «L’Invention des Animaux»
was awarded First Prize, Image Category, at the Berlin Transmediale in 2002. He was
also given Prix du Rayonnement International from Conseil de la Culture de Québec
in 2006, Prix Videre in 2009, and numerous grants from different funding agencies.
His work has been shown in a number of publications, notably in a major solo catalogue
by Galerie de l’UQAM, in Montréal in 2005. He is the founder of the audio art centre
Avatar, in Quebec City, has taught at Mills College (California) and UQAM (Montreal)
and is currently director of Ecole des arts visuels de l’Université Laval.

Carl Stone:
FUJIKEN was composed between 2012 and 2013 in Tokyo where I reside for much
of the year. The work blends field recordings made through Southeast Asia (Vietnam,
Thailand, Cambodia and Japan) with appropriated music mostly from street cassettes,
processed and resynthesized. The work has no set structure and although some sections
have been more or less determined as to their materials and methods of manipulation,
the overall form as well as the smaller musical details are open and improvised. Field
materials tonight might include recorded meandering on the Chao Praya river (Bangkok),
a fire outbreak in Phnom Pehn, college sports practice in Toyota City Japan, and whatever
else the mood might seek.

Carl Stone is one of the pioneers of live computer music, and has been hailed by
the Village Voice as "the king of sampling." and "one of the best composers living in
(the USA) today." He has used computers in live performance since 1986. Stone was born
in Los Angeles and now divides his time between San Francisco and Japan. He studied
composition at the California Institute of the Arts with Morton Subotnick and James Tenney
and has composed electro-acoustic music almost exclusively since 1972. His works have
been performed in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the Near
East. In addition to his schedule of performance, composition and touring, he is on the
faculty of the Department of Media Engineering at Chukyo University in Japan.